When you buy from us

When you purchase a Hidden Creek mini or micro pigs you will get~
  1. We carefully select our breeding stock
    Unlike many breeders, we had mini pigs for 15+ years BEFORE we started to breed. Then we carefully selected our breeding stock, going to MS and PA to purchase what we wanted to breed. We have never simply used rescue pigs to start our breeding program.
  2. We breed for size, health and temperament
    We put a lot of thought into our matches and follow up with our owners a year after they buy to find out the size. health and temperament of our babies. We have never had some of the biting and poor behavior in our pigs that is often reported by pig owners.
  3. Receive lifetime support
    We are always happy to answer any questions you have about your pig or pig ownership and we will continue to answer any of your questions for the lifetime of your pig.
  4. Paperwork
    You will receive a birth certificate showing the parents and in many cases the grandparents of your baby along with written instructions on taking your pig home.
  5. You can see our adults
    We are always happy to show you not only the parents, but often adult siblings from the same litter so you can see what your pig will turn out to be before you buy. When we find a cross we like, that stays small, we repeat the breeding and we know what we are going to get. PREDICTABILITY IS WHY YOU BUY FOR A CAREFUL BREEDER
  6. We have a good reputatioin
    Many of our pigs are sold to people who have already purchased a pig from us, or who are friends or relatives of our owners. We also have good ratings on several web rating systems. Some of our buyers have been become friends with other owners on facebook or through other social media and gotten good recommendations