Parties and Events

Make your child’s birthday special with a unique party designed just for them!!

Basic Party
Indoor Parties Coming Soon

These parties are always a big hit and they can be modified for the 5-10 age group or for older kids. Choose from available options to make an indivieual party that will be remembered forever.

Basic Birthday Party starts at just $75 for four children.

Birthday party….it includes a horse to play with, ride, groom, lead, whatever they want to do for a half an hour and then make yourself at home and enjoy a picnic spot for refreshments.

We are really having a good time designing truly unique games and hope to be able to offer indoor parties during bad weather, so they can go all year round.
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Unique and interesting options
Not just for birthdays.....
And don’t forget that we are also happy to help you celebrate any special occasion not just Birthday Parties. We are happy to accommodate you in whatever way we can to make your day special.
Hike through rough trails and "discover" the hidden creek!
Explore the creek
Paint a live horse or pony.  
Scaverger Hunt across fields
Escape the Room (for tweens and teens
Play horse shoes with real horse shoes
Rubber duck hunt
............. AND MORE
Soon: Dress the Pony in costume parts

     Pricing and Build your own party

Watch for new activities in 2019 when the new indoor arena is complete.