Before your lesson

Riders Have Varied Goals:
 Gain Patience
Excellent Stress Relief
Exercise ~ it uses almost all your muscles and is considered one of the best forms of exercise because it doesn't stress joints.
Develop Trust
Outdoor Recreation
Self Esteem
Balance and core strength
Positive Thinking
Time to concentrate on personal development
For all riders:  Learning to ride is fun.
Learning to work with horses is a valuable lesson in life.
Learning to do it right, is safe.

Please contact Tammy if you cannot make a lesson.  We like 24 hours but we do realize that sometimes weather or an emergency comes up, so please contact us as soon as you realize you aren't going to make it.  IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT US AND YOU DON'T SHOW UP FOR THE LESSON, YOU WILL BE CHARGED.
NEW LESSONS are required to sign a release form and pay before the lesson starts.
Please wear long pants, even in hot weather, as saddles can rub legs and cause sores.  
Please wear closed toe shoes at all times around the horses.
Beginning students do not need breeches, half chaps, or boots.  Let's be sure you LIKE riding before we spend a lot of money on the attire.
We have helmets but small children in Mommy and Me and Young Riders may be more comfortable and have a better fit with their own bicycle helmets.
Private lessons are not available at all times and are scheduled in.  Please be on time or it will cut into your lesson time.
We have lights and do lessons in the evening. Our indoor arena is available for rain and snow, so lessons seldom cancel. If you have any doubts, please call Tammy.  434 996-6993
We do ride in the winter, even in cold temperatures.  Lessons may be modified to suit the footing, but there is a lot to learn even if it's cold.
The love of horses and riding experience will last a lifetime and can be done almost anywhere in the world. You don't need a team. You can always find a way to ride a horse!  I've ridden since I'm 4 and I'm still riding at 72 and Queen Elizabeth rode last fall at 92.  Try doing that with gymnastics! Or softball!

It’s OK to only be interested in learning how to get a trail horse to do what you want it to do so you can have a better time on vacation trail rides, or just ride out with friends.

It's OK to just enjoy the exercise and the horse without having any further goals in mind. For many riders, the goal is simply outdoor recreation at it's finest.

It's OK to want to try a show even if you have never done it before and you are afraid you will be the oldest person there. You wouldn't be and no one cares.

And it’s OK to just want to do something social with a friend.  It's OK to want to learn to jump because it feels like flying but you do or do not ever want to compete.

We try to make sure that everyone is having a good time while learning what interests them the most


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